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It's not about having a web site. It's about having a successful web presence. Building a successful web site can be seen as a three stage process.

1 - Build the Website. (web design - brochure site)
2 - Get the Traffic. (search engine optimization - Internet marketing)
3 - Sell You Stuff. (Shopping cart - order system)

Millions of dollars are wasted on web design each year. You built your website but no one visits? If your traditional business market is shrinking - why not invest in a share of the growing virtual market?

To do this and compete you need to go to the second stage - you need search engine optimization.

No traffic, no buyers of your product. Why spend thousands on a shopping cart no one will visit? Many website owners become disenchanted by spending a lot of money on ecommerce shopping carts only to find no customers buying or worse yet not visiting.

Stage 2 is a necessary evil. Skipping the SEO stage can result in a negative ROI - return on investment. Traffic is necessary to get a positive ROI. Second stage expense should be no less than the 3rd stage expense, and search engine optimization should be budgeted throughout the year and the life of the website.

Web development investments can make sense. Invest your web development money. Get a return on your investment at each stage of your website development life cycle.

Investing in stage two will provide a positive ROI for stage two ... but also reap a quality ROI on the shopping cart / e-commerce investment of stage 3.

Article by Ted Fish of 5Fish Inc. Providing Victoria Web Design, Victoria Internet Marketing and Canada Search Engine Optimization

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