Search Engine Ranking Made Simple

If you want your business to succeed online then it is vital to educate yourself about search engine ranking. It is not as difficult to learn as it sounds.

People are naturally drawn to your website more readily if you utilize search engine optimization. A great deal of individuals use search engines on a regular basis. Accept this simple fact of Internet life and let it work for you.

Three quarters of web searchers seek information out on the Internet by utilizing a variety of popular search engines. Google, Yahoo and MSN are three that readily come to mind. To succeed you must make your webpages search engine optimization friendly.

Start by taking a look at the title bar (the colored bar at the top of the page) that is located on your homepage. Make sure the name of your business (and/or your business slogan) is a part of the title bar.

What about the title bars on all your other pages? Keywords need to be displayed here too. Take the keywords you use directly from the text of your website. Keep it to a six-word limit however, or even less if possible.

Use important keywords from all of your pages to display on title bars. Don't make the mistake of being repetitive with your keywords or placing identical words side by side. This is a definite no-no.

What about word count? Aim for around 250 words on each individual page and if that is not something you can deliver, aim instead for around 100 words. Text is so important but make sure yours is in HTML format.

The text at your site is HTML if you can highlight words easily. If you are unable to perform this simple task then check with your webmaster and then make the necessary changes.

Text works best for your purposes if it is transcribed into HTML, not graphics format. If you are unable to highlight words at your site it is a guaranteed certainty that you have a format you are going to need to change.

Meta tags are not terribly effective for reaching high search engine ranking. They are a very easy code, nothing more. But adding them into your site cannot hurt. Link popularity plays a significant part in search engine ranking as well. Never downplay its Importance as the quality of the sites you have linked to (or wish to link to) is of utmost importance to your continued success.

To determine which sites are linked to yours (in case the site owners did not let you know via a polite e-mail) go to your favorite search engine and type in the words, "link:www.yourdomain.com" in google "links:www.yourdomain.com" in Yahoo. This will give you a list of sites that will inadvertently lead you to the information you are seeking. Remember that if you link to quality you will receive quality. And visitors like quality sites. It is a simple fact of Internet life. Internet strategies only work well if the people behind them have a strong desire to move up the search engine ranks. Keep trying and success will be yours!

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