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Are one way links really better than reciprocal links?

No, reciprocal links and one way links work just the same. The reason why some people think that reciprocal links don't work is that many webmasters who engage in reciprocal linking don't care about theming but only about the number of links. One way links are usually from topic-related sites.

If you link to any site you'll end up with a links page full of unrelated web sites. The jumble of links on the page is the reason why the links don't have power, not the fact that you're linking back to the site.

16 reasons why your site may have poor ranking in Google.

  1. a lot of code compared with actual text (e.g., nested tables, JavaScript)
  2. keyword density is high compared with your competitors
  3. keyword stuffing
  4. home page looks like a doorway page
  5. fewer backlinks than your competitors
  6. poor link partners
  7. linking to a site that's banned
  8. backlink text is repetitive
  9. no fresh content
  10. duplicate content
  11. slower to download compared to your competitors
  12. dynamic URLs
  13. no site map
  14. navigation is image-based
  15. no ALT tags or meaningless ALT tags
  16. using Flash or Frames

Search engine optimization combines these factors with hundreds more! 5Fish offers search engine optimization business and clients from around the world.

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