Programming (Scripting)

5Fish uses either a php/mysql (UNIX) or asp/ms-sql/access (NT) combination to produce robust, interactive web sites. Programming is most often related to database management.

Languages that 5Fish may implement depending on the environment and website purpose might include, php, asp, javascript, xml, cgi or perl.

All work is completed by 5Fish. Custom programming available by quote.


Flash is not really a programming language but has a built in scripting ability called ActionScript. Using this script, a Flash movie can inherit the abilty of a static web site which utilizes other scripting languages.

Flash has exceptional promotional and eye catching advantages, but flash sites cannot be found leading the way on Internet searches. Few search engines have the ability to search the text within a flash movie. It is for this reason, Flash continues to have limited success on the web.

Flash projects by quote.


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