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Domains Names & Your Internet Success

A good domain name can make your Internet marketing experience successful. 5Fish has registered many fine domains including many real estate, shopping, community and Ontario domains. Domains for sale or development. If you are looking for a great domain for your business, give 5Fish a call. Take a giant leap ahead of the pack. We can provide you with a competitive edge on the Internet almost immediately.

What's in a Domain Name?

Your domain name should reflect what your web site is all about. For example, if your web site is about construction in Toronto, you would want to select a domain name like 'myconstructioncompany.com,' but build your site on a domain name that tells the world what your web site is all about - something like 'torontoconstruction.com.

An important part of your Internet plan should be the purchase of domain names. You will need at least one, as it's considered extremely unprofessional for a business to have a presence on the internet without one.

What kind of domain name should I acquire?

The business name (of course) - The simplest thing to do is to simply get the name of your business as a domain name. If you cannot get the .COM version, check for the .NET, .ORG, .BIZ or .INFO versions. This is the domain name that would typically be used for marketing and branding purposes.

Hyphenated business name - You can also get the hyphenated business name, if the name is two or more words long. You should only get this if (a) the name is not available in it's unhyphenated version or (b) you bought the non-hyphenated version as well. It's not a good idea to get only the hyphenated version, as this is not something customers normally type in URLs. It is, however, a good idea to purchase the hyphenated version in addition to the non-hyphenated version as sometimes people do type in the hyphens.

Keyword domain names - Another option is to purchase domain names which are keywords which match search engine keywords. For example, if your site sells candy, you could get the domain name candy-chocolate-lollipops.com, candychocolatelollipops.com or something like that. Some think it cheezy, I think if the use of the name improves your business through name recognition and through increased traffic to your web site, then why not use it?

Product Names - One possible strategy is to purchase domain names for each different products that you want. You could then set up separate, distinct sites for each of these.

Other Reasons - There are other reasons to purchase a domain name. Keeping others from getting the name - Sometimes it's important to purchase a domain name just so someone else will not get it. In this case you might want to purchase it and variations of the same.

Keep your future domain name needs in mind. Domain names can be worth millions or they can be worth nothing at all. Some are worth their weight in gold. You may need more domain names to run your business.

Parts taken from What's Good For A Domain Name? Richard Lowe

What is an effective domain name?

Many people will tell you that all *good* domain names are taken -- I don't think so. Look beyond the obvious and when choosing a name keep these few points in mind:

  • Select a name that is easy to pronounce and easy to spell. Make sure that it spells the SAME way as it sounds. Remember that you will want to use your domain name often in your spoken language!
  • Make it as short as possible -- you will want that it fits your sign riders and business cards!
  • Avoid hyphens, numbers and abbreviations to prevent future confusion -- unless registering both versions. For example, I registered both domain names: EMailMarketingTips.com and E-MailMarketingTips.com
  • Chances are that the name you really want is not available as .com anymore. If so, select another, less perfect name, but try to get dot-com before you opt for .ca, .net or .org
  • Make it as short as possible. Yes, virtually all one word domain names with dot-com extension are taken, but don't give up too easily on two-word names. There are still many great ones available.
  • Three, or even four-word domain names can be good too *IF* they are not too long. If it is easy to pronounce and under six syllables, most likely it is fine.

Using your own domain name is not only cheap branding tool. In addition, this type of email address adds instant credibility to your business, especially e-mail correspondence!

http://www.ontariodirectory.net (Ontario)
http://www.simcoe.biz (Simcoe County)
http://www.muskoka.biz (Muskoka)
http://www.ontariorealestate.biz (Ontario Real Estate)
http://www.bracebridge.com (Bracebridge Muskoka)

Barrie.biz (Barrie)

http://northbay.biz (Nipissing)
http://sudbury.biz (Greater Sudbury)
http://orillia.biz (Orillia)
http://www.toronto411.com (Toronto)
http://www.toronto-realestate.info (Toronto Real Estate)

CanadaDirectory.net (Canada)

Our market is International, but primarily Ontario including the Muskoka area (Bracebridge, Huntsville, Gravenhurst, Port Carling, Parry Sound, Haliburton, Minden) Simcoe County (Orillia, Barrie, Collingwood, Wasaga Beach, Midland, Bradford, Innisfil, New Tecumseth, and Penetanguishene), North Bay, Thunder Bay, Sudbury, The Town of Blue Mountains, The Kawarthas, Peterborough, Guelph, Kitchener, St. Catharines, Grey County, Sault Ste Marie, Owen Sound, Toronto. It doesn't matter where you are Ontario, the Maritimes, the Prairies, Victoria and Vancouver British Columbia, Canada, USA, Europe or the World - we will service your Internet needs and we will help you succeed on the net.


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